Iulius Guitars

IULIUS GUITARS Brand Identity and design consulting for the France based luthier Iulius Guitars. This logo is suitable to be printed on paper, engraved in wood and 3D printed for the inlays. CLIENTS Iulius Guitars - SORBIERS, FRANCE. WEBSITE www.iuliusguitars.com CATEGORIES Brand Identity, Logo Design, Design Consultant Read More


BALLARDIAN Brand Identity and web design for Ballardian, an Italian video production company. They work for music, art, tv, web and much more. CLIENTS Ballardian, ITALY. WEBSITE www.ballardianvideo.com CATEGORIES Brand Identity, Web Design, Logo Read More


KLAATCH Brand identity for Klaatch, a NYC based company involved in the lifestyle improvement of elderly people. They promote the social gathering to cope isolation in big cities. CLIENTS Klaatch - NEW YORK CITY, USA. WEBSITE www.klaatch.com CATEGORIES Brand Identity, Logo Design Read More


WONDEROME Brand Identity and web design for Wonderome, the Italian division of an international tourist agency. They provide services and tours in Rome and all over Italy. CLIENTS All-Tickets - LONDON, UK. WEBSITE www.wonderome.com CATEGORIES Art Direction, Brand Identity, Web Design Read More

Beccacece Jewels

BECCACECE JEWELRY Photo shooting and web design for Beccacece, a charming jewelry in the center of Rome. Handcrafted jewels and gemology are their strength. CLIENTS Beccacece - ROME, ITALY. WEBSITE www.beccacecegioielli.it CATEGORIES Photography, Web Design, Art Direction Read More


HSPI Web design for HSPI, a nationwide consulting company. From Information architecture to icon design I projected the new website consistently with their brand. CLIENTS HSPI - BOLOGNA - ROME - MILAN, ITALY. WEBSITE www.hspi.it CATEGORIES Web Design, Icon Design, Art Direction Read More

Non è mai solo un caso

NON È MAI SOLO UN CASO User centred design project focused on cargo and passenger ships safety. Every poster and page has been tested with real users through a participatory approach. CLIENTS Ministero dei Trasporti - ITALY. WEBSITE www.mit.gov.it CATEGORIES Print Design, User Centred Design, Art Direction Read More

Chiara Cavallo

CHIARA CAVALLO Brand Identity for a talented jewelry artist. She is based in Rome and she produces amazing unique pieces. CLIENTS Chiara Cavallo - ROME, ITALY. WEBSITE www.chiaracavallo.com CATEGORIES Brand Identity, Logo Design, Art Direction, Color Palette Read More

Trattore Sicuro

TRATTORE SICURO Art direction and illustrations for Trattore Sicuro. This safety manual has been though for tractor drivers, who should keep it with them everyday. The paper is washable and highly tear-resistant. CLIENTS CRA-ING - Unità di ricerca per l’ingegneria agraria - ITALY. ENAMA - Ente Nazionale per la Meccanizzazione Agricola - ITALY. WEBSITE About the… Read More


ERGOPROJECT Web and stationery design for Ergoproject, a relevant company working in the Human Factors and User Experience fields. CLIENTS Ergoproject - ROME, ITALY. WEBSITE www.ergoproject.it CATEGORIES Web Design, Icon Design, Print, Stationery Read More